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Livestock Feeders & Equipment


 Vern's Manufacturing

Livestock Equipment and Feeders

For over 54 years Vern's Mfg. has manufactured high quality livestock equipment. We customize anything to a customers specifications. We also manufacture and customize trailers, such as livestock trailers and utility trailers. Along with fabricating, we also repair many different products. We invite to to like our page, follow us, and check in often to see all the great things Vern’s does! If you have an questions about our services please call, direct message, or send an e-mail. • Vern’s MFG. Wessington, So. Dak. family owned and operated since 1964

Rancher Livestock Equipment

Livestock Feeders and Equipment

Ranchers Livestock Equipment is a manufacturing plant that builds heavy duty livestock feeding and containment equipment. "Built Stronger to Last Longer". We have designed our products to withstand the abuse that cattle can do. You won't see our products tossed out in a field because they have been bent and broken from the cattle. Our customers come back to buy more Bale Feeders, Feed Bunks and Corral Panels. They know the value of getting a piece of equipment that they won't have to replace every year or even every five years

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The Hay Manager

Livestock Feeders

For over 17 years, our goal at The Hay Manager, LLC. has been to innovate and improve hay management tools to the farming industry. In addition to manufacturing round bale feeders, we also provide mineral feeders, tools for pasture improvements and services for farmers and ranchers across the Midwest. We offer a service to have custom designs or ideas that farmers need to fit their operation.
Headquartered in Trent, South Dakota, our business is a small manufacturing company working to meet the needs and demand of farmers and ranchers for more efficient use of hay. The Hay Manager, LLC. remains a family owned and managed organization that spans two generations of Lacey family members.

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Livestock Equipment: Products

Goat Feeder

This design allows for the goats to reach everything without harm to the goats or hay waste. No hay spoilage and saves on labor.


Horse, Sheep and Cattle Feeder

Hay Saving
Proven outstanding efficiency. Saving your hay, estimated to save 10% more hay per bale.



Designed to save the lives of both humans and calves, this product can prevent a hospital visit from an upset cow and keep the calf safe and secure while it gets moved to a proper nursery or warming hut.

Livestock Equipment: News & Updates
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Bro-Lan Welding

Livestock Equipment: Products
Livestock Equipment: Products

Calf Shelters


Free Standing Creep Panels

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Freestanding Panels

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